Randall and Karen Anson

RESULTS: Contract in 3 days, closed in less than 30 days. No hitches—no surprises—and Estela got us $13,000 more than we expected and $10,000 more than a previous appraisal!! Estela rocks. She will sell my next house even if we have to fly her in to our new location!

Estela Haese was the first agent we selected from Homegain. There were many proposals to list our home. Her approach was the best of all, and the best we have ever experienced. She spent hours evaluating our home, listing every detail the buyer should know. She explained an demonstrated what the important things were to dress up and emphasize, and how to get the buyers to visually and emotionally focus on the best features of our home. No other Realtor ever helped us like this. I cannot over-emphasize how effective her approach was. She came to our home prepared with meaningful comparables, she knew the neighborhood as well as I did and she really knew are market. She predicted who would be interested, and how to sell toward them, and she was right on the money. Her marketing approach was fantastic, with flattering and comprehensive inside/outside pictures on the internet, and in the info tube on our sign.

Even after the contract, she was available to us whenever we needed her, always answering her phone or returning our messages promptly. Very professional, very thorough and the results were nothing short of fantastic. We are still celebrating. Not only were we thrilled, the buyers were thrilled!

— Randall and Karen Anson , Client