Past client testimonial (John Horn)

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Estela Haese to my friends, family, and associates. I am quite certain that all of her clients feel exactly as do my wife and I…ultimately satisfied.

We were referred to Estela by friends of ours here in San Antonio who were confident that she would give us the same high level of service that they received from her several years ago. Although I previously lived in San Antonio for many years, I had been away since 1983 and my wife had only visited the city as a tourist. Therefore, I returned with some preconceived notions about what I wanted as well as just what I didn’t want. The problem was that San Antonio had grown and changed a lot since my absence.

This is exactly where Mrs. Haese’s professionalism made all the difference. She received my input, analyzed it against her vast and comfortable knowledge of the San Antonio real estate market and helped us find our way through the maze. She did not merely sell us a home, rather she gave us the counsel we needed in order to make the correct decision.

We felt as though we were the only clients with who she was working – our best interests always seemed to be at the top of her priority list. There was never any doubt that this would result in anything but exactly what we wanted and needed. Her Guidance was honest and clear. Her demeanor was upbeat and positive. As a result of our experience, we will personally recommend her to everyone we know who needs professional real estate assistance. And, the final comment to be made is that we now regard her as a trusted friend

— John Horn , Client